Cloud Services & Integration

  • Enterprise Cloud Architecture Design and Implementation in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments
  • Delivering FISMA, FISP, HSPD-12 and NIST security guidelines and policies and regulations for identity management, information security, and security controls and checklists in Cloud
  • Enterprise Cloud Governance and Management, Monitoring in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipeline and Modern DevOps On Premise and Cloud;
  • Automated Cloud Architecture Deployment and Management with Infrastructure as Code
  • Application and Algorithm containerization/migration On Premise and Cloud
  • Seamless On Premise Cloud Integration

IT Operations

  • Network and Systems Administration
  • Software Component Inventory and Configuration Management
  • Data Center Management and Support
  • Help Desk Support and Management

High Performance Computing

  • High Throughput Data Processing and High-Performance Computing;
  • Algorithm Containerization and Orchestration in HPC/Kubernetes in Agile Development Environments;
  • Scientific Software Package Deployment.
  • HPC Cluster deployment and Management

System Integration

  • Technology Modernization and Legacy System Migration
  • Agile Software Development
  • Commercial off-the-shelf Solution Implementation
  • System Modernization and Contanerization
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Serverless Architecture Integration
  • Seamless On-Premise Cloud Integration

Cyber Security

  • System Assessment and Authorization
  • Enterprise Security Integration, Security Operations and Continuous Monitoring
  • Cybersecurity Infrastructure Management
  • System and Network Security Scanning and Monitoring
  • Security Patching and Intrusion Detection